Christmas Wreaths

The Holidays are upon us and for those of us who don't shop 6 months in advance...(me included) we are still making our lists and trying to find time and the money to get everything done and bought.  I do this to myself every year and get so stressed out worrying that time will run out and I won't get everything bought and wrapped...but somehow it always seems to work out in the end and I get stressed out for nothing.  I tell myself every year "next year I'm going to start earlier"...but that never happens.  It some odd way I think I enjoy the craziness of it all. :)  
To get my mind off of the craziness for a few minutes.....I have attached below some DIY Christmas wreaths that you can make for yourself or give as a gift.  Some of these are too cute and clever.....I have given props to those deserved underneath each picture. 

                                THESE DAYS

                                                        the Diary of Daves Wife

                             MARTHA STEWART

                         MARTHA STEWART

                           FUDGE RIPPLE

                                                          THE GOOD STUFF

Happy Holidays..... Johanna xo

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