Baby Withdraws

I have personally been going through baby withrdraws lately...and it's a little scary.  My oldest son will be turning 18 in November and my youngest just turned 13....my oldest of course has become very independent and is starting to take on a life of his own.  My youngest is just growing up way too fast and personally I just DON'T like it!  I have been going back and forth about having another baby...not sure that is in the cards for me but after browsing the internet I came across this crib and fell in LOVE with the whole collection!!

Hudson Collection in Licorice

This is the Hudson Collection and is by BONAVITA

Hudson Collection

Simple lines, elegant style, the Hudson Collection╩╝s graceful proportions harmonize with a wide range of individual tastes. Urban contemporary, country cottage, traditional or transitional, the Hudson Collection with its classic finishes and stunning looks is the perfect collection to express the perfect style—yours.

Graceful, clean and simple, this six piece collection includes the Classic Crib, the Lifestyle Crib®, 5 drawer dresser, combo, nightstand, and hutch for additional storage space on the combo. In addition, every item in the collection is available in a Classic White, Classic Cherry, Chocolate or a Licorice finish.

If a baby is in your definate future be sure to check out BONAVITA'S website....you can click on the Where to Buy tab and search for a retailer near you.

I'll still be here pondering over my baby thoughts!!



Friday's Favorite Things - Linking Up {2)


Bev said...
I follow you on google. I love something sweet like a pina colada or daiquiris. That looks really good right now because it is so hot here.

Well we've made it to Friday.....hopefully the weather holds up this weekend so that I can enjoy some
 sunshine along with a 
(which happens to be my FRIDAY's FAVORITE THING)!!

I enjoy having a Margarita....but reagular Margarita's have a TON of sugar and we all know that sugar
just goes straight to the hips.
So while at Wal Mart last summer and looking for a Margarita Mix I came across this.....

Margarita Lite Mix


Master of Mixes Margarita Lite uses authentic margarita ingredients for a taste so great, you won't miss the calories!

Master of Mixes Margarita Lite offers a 90% reduction in calories when compared to traditional margarita mix (140 calories per 4 oz. serving vs. 10 calories)

Premium lemon and lime juice is the sole source of the few calories present in Master of mixes Margarita Lite

Now health conscious consumers can balance calories while still enjoying their favorite summer cocktail!

You do have to add your own TEQUILA..which is nice...because if it's been one of those days you can add a little more...  :)

So here is a Friday evening for me......

GIVEAWAY:  I'm going to give away one bottle of this delicious MARGARITA MIX!!

All you need to do is:
  • Follow my blog and leave a comment about your favorite drink (doesn't have to have alcohol in it) (1 entry and mandatory)
  • Like on Facebook and leave a comment! (1 entry)
  • Share this giveaway on your Facebook (1 entry)
  • Link up a favorite...see below for description (2 entries)
Be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry

Link it up:
Please link up a favorite of yours...it could be...
  • Something you've made
  • A favorite you've blogged about (could be about anything)
  • A favorite giveaway
  • A favorite store or Etsy Store
  • Just link up any favorite of yours
  • GIVEAWAY and LINK UP will end on June 21st @ 4:00pm CST.

Have a wonderful weekend.....and don't drink too many Margaritas!!   heeeheee


Linking up to:

Tidy Mom


Father's Day Ideas {2}

Lots of great ideas out there.  Here are a few more.....




Sugar Bee Crafts

I LOVE these cute homemade card ideas.....these made me smile!

Momma Did It

Who doesn't love FREE Printables...especially CUTE ones

Shindig Parties To Go

Best Daddy Ever Beans

The Letter 4

FREE Printable: Father's Day Room Service

seven thirty three




Friday's Favorite Things - Linking Up {1}

This is my first post on
Friday's Favorite Things!!
Every Friday I'm going to blog about something that is a favorite of mine.

My favorite that I'm sharing with you today is....(drum roll)

Stacy's Pita Chips are my new favorite chip!! 
These are baked NOT FRIED with 0g trans fat and 0mg cholesterol and taste oh so good!!

I LOVE the texture, I LOVE the crispiness, I LOVE the taste

They come in the following flavors:
Simply Naked
Parmesan Garlic & Herb (my favorite)
Multi grain
Cinnamon & Sugar
Italian Harvest
Garden Veggie Medley

These are great alone or with a dip...click HERE for recipes.

I get mine @ Wal Mart....if you haven't seen them at your store you can purchase them online here: 
Stacy's Pita Chips and also they are 20% off right now!!

Head to your supermarket or buy a bag online today....you are missing out if you have not tried these!

Leave me a comment if you've tried Stacy's Pita chips and let me know what you think.

On my Friday's Favorite Things I would love for everyone to link up about a favorite thing of yours that you have blogged about.  Whether it's food, clothing, a craft, etc! 
This is my first linking up and I'm using just the link not a thumbnail...only because I want to make sure I know what I'm doing before spending the money on it.  Be patient with me and hopefully next week I will be using the thumbnail pics.
Once you've linked up...please grab my button and post on your blog letting everyone know that you linked up here....THANKS.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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Bargain Find {1}

This past Memorial Day weekend my sons were in a soccer tourney in Chicago.......

This is my oldest (blue uniform).....


This is my youngest (needs a haircut)....

We had a great time despite the rain on Saturday which pushed back some games by 5 hours and some to be postponed until the next day....SO that meant mom got some shopping in.  :)

While at the Woodfield Mall I went into a store called Fans Edge and in their clearance area I found this...

My son is a Chicago Cubs fan and this Big Bobblehead was broken from the base.  I thought with a little super glue and some color touch up....how can I beat it.  This retails for $19.99 and was marked down to $4.95. 

So around the shoe area it needed some permanent black marker......

and then some super glue to attach it back to the base and here he is all back to good......

This is going to make a great birthday present for my soon to be teenager

I just love a bargain...he's back in the box and ready to be wrapped.

Have you found any good bargains lately??  If so please share.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!


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