Baby Withdraws

I have personally been going through baby withrdraws lately...and it's a little scary.  My oldest son will be turning 18 in November and my youngest just turned 13....my oldest of course has become very independent and is starting to take on a life of his own.  My youngest is just growing up way too fast and personally I just DON'T like it!  I have been going back and forth about having another baby...not sure that is in the cards for me but after browsing the internet I came across this crib and fell in LOVE with the whole collection!!

Hudson Collection in Licorice

This is the Hudson Collection and is by BONAVITA

Hudson Collection

Simple lines, elegant style, the Hudson Collection╩╝s graceful proportions harmonize with a wide range of individual tastes. Urban contemporary, country cottage, traditional or transitional, the Hudson Collection with its classic finishes and stunning looks is the perfect collection to express the perfect style—yours.

Graceful, clean and simple, this six piece collection includes the Classic Crib, the Lifestyle Crib®, 5 drawer dresser, combo, nightstand, and hutch for additional storage space on the combo. In addition, every item in the collection is available in a Classic White, Classic Cherry, Chocolate or a Licorice finish.

If a baby is in your definate future be sure to check out BONAVITA'S website....you can click on the Where to Buy tab and search for a retailer near you.

I'll still be here pondering over my baby thoughts!!


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