Belated 4th of July

Hope eveyone had a great 4th of July....I had a great 4 day weekend and having a hard time getting back in the swing of things.  My youngest (he's 13) a few weeks ago made the State of Illinois soccer team and left Tuesday for Kansas to try out for the Regional team and will not be back until Saturday.  This has been a little tough for me (he seems to be doing better) because he hasn't ever been away from home like this before.  So far so good though and so proud of him and his accomplishments!!  My oldest (he's 17) left today for an all day concert that's about an hour and a  half away and I have been a nervous wreck....this parenting thing keeps getting harder and harder. 

Well so back to the holiday weekend....on Saturday we were invited to a party at a friends house and I wanted to make up a few goodies for the kids...found these cute printables for water bottles over @ Tweedle Dee Designs and here is what I did:

I used the water bottle labels and put them around the jars that I picked up @ the Dollar Store and while @ the Dollar Store I picked up licorice and cut and wrapped the labels around a few pieces of licorice to make it look like firecrackers.  I found the printable pinwheels over @ Disney Family Fun....they were a lot of fun to make and the kids loved them!!

Hope you all had a fun and safe holiday.......


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