Cupcakes!  Who doesn't love cupcakes??  I have came across some yummy cupcake recipes and VERY COOL cupcake display ideas for parties on a lot of blogs and thought I would share some of them....maybe some of you have your child's Halloween party @ school coming up or a Halloween party @ home or maybe you are needing some ideas for birthdays, anniversarys or just to bake the kids a treat for an after school snack (or a snack for yourself) :)  ......... check out these yummy recipes and fun ideas and get to baking!!

                               How cute are these CANDY CORN CUPCAKES!!!

                                                                I Heart Naptime

                       How about these SPORT CUPCAKES!
                           Serving Pink Lemonade

                          These HI-HAT CUPCAKES look yummy!

                                       Mommy Creations  
             Adorable SUNFLOWER CUPCAKE

                 CUPCAKE SKEWERS....what a cute idea!!        
                     WB 026

    Ok I know these aren't Cupcakes.  But these MINI PUMPKIN CAKES are too cute to not show off!!       
                Fussy Monkey Business

Found more SUNFLOWER CUPCAKES.....what a clever idea to display them!

                                   SPOOKY CUPCAKES
                                              52 Cupcakes


            Check out the link below and link up your BLOG!!

johanna xo


Pumpkin Carving??

Well it's getting to be that time when we all start carving our pumpkins and with the boys getting older and not really into it anymore..I've
been thinking that maybe I will try something different...maybe something
a little more creative....I came across some ideas and thought I would share....
Let me know what you think......

These are cute!! Shapes are made with cookie cutters!

Better Homes and Gardens

These are eerie and a great idea for decorating inside. 

Bat pumpkins

Family Circle

Glittery Pumpkins
Glittered Pumpkins

Martha Stewart

Country Living

Here are some flames to keep you warm.....
Country Living

Monogrammed Cuteness!

If you go to any of the sites listed below the pics then they have step by step instructions on how to make the pumpkins shown above.  Lots of ideas out there and love all the ones I've shared today.
Just have to make a decision...  hmmmm.......

johanna xo


Beaded Bracelet

I was browsing Blogs over the weekend and found so many great Halloween and Fall ideas.  I wish I had time to make all of them...but time is just one thing I don't have a lot of these days.  With both boys playing soccer and traveling about 3, 4 or 5 days a week along with my regular full-time job and oh did I mention the house that needs some final touch ups outside before the real cold white stuff starts blowing around!  So I'll just have to pick out a few things to make and the rest I'll just feature here on my Blog so that I can show off some favorites.  I did find time to finish another piece of jewelry.........

I used dark and light silver and white beads on this one.......
It turned out cute....now on to the earrings that match.

Below is a wreath that I came across while looking at different blogs over the weekend.  I thought this was such a CHIC idea..Love it!! Thanks Jessica for sharing. Make sure to go over and check out Jessica's Blog @ Craftily Ever After!!


I've been excited to see so many cute fall/Halloween wreaths all over blogland, so it was just a matter of time until I created my own.

When I visited my grandmother back east this spring she was trying to get my mom to take her old black lace jacket.

She didn't want to throw it away but she no longer wanted it because sun-damage had caused discoloration in some areas.

My mom didn't want it either so she convinced me to take it for the fabric. It's been sitting in my stash ever since. This week though, I paired it with a 10" green wreath-form and two spools of satin ribbon from the dollar store.

Three dollars later, I had a festive Halloween wreath!

To make it, I wrapped the wreath-form in the orange ribbon, adhering it with a dot of hot glue every few rotations. I cut a circle out of the lace jacket a few inches larger than the wreath and snipped and stretched and maneuvered it to cover the front and sides.

 For the flower, I cut a bunch of 2 1/2 inch strips of ribbon for the petals and hot-glued the corners and tops back on themselves. I put a dot of hot glue in the centers of the ribbons and pinched them into a pleat before overlapping and adhering them onto a piece of felt. I made the center out of ribbon the way I would make a fabric rolled rose.

Halloween's coming a bit early at our house this year!

                                                            Johanna  xo



I haven't ever seen or heard of Subway Art until I started looking at some of the craft blogs.  WOW is it popular and super cool.  I love it.  Below is the first one that I did and basically just played around and didn't use anything too expensive.  Will definately use little better materials next time.  This one is geared toward sports or I should say soccer.  Both my boys play soccer.

For this one I used a rub on sheet that had the words on it.  Found the sheet of words at Big Lots for $1.00.  However I put the words on construction paper only because I was playing around and it's way to flimsy.  So I am going to try card stock next time.  The black wooden frame came from the Dollar Store and it worked perfect.  It turned out cute and will look great hanging on on the boys' walls along with some of their soccer pics. 

Have a great weekend!

Johanna xo


Below is the FREE 8 x 10 Collage Print that I did through Walgreens yesterday.  I made a collage of photos for my oldest son Weston.  These are some of the fun things he has done so far this year.  He thought it was pretty cool.

Don't forget to do yours.  Offer ends today 10/1/10.  Details are below!! 
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