Pumpkin Carving??

Well it's getting to be that time when we all start carving our pumpkins and with the boys getting older and not really into it anymore..I've
been thinking that maybe I will try something different...maybe something
a little more creative....I came across some ideas and thought I would share....
Let me know what you think......

These are cute!! Shapes are made with cookie cutters!

Better Homes and Gardens

These are eerie and a great idea for decorating inside. 

Bat pumpkins

Family Circle

Glittery Pumpkins
Glittered Pumpkins

Martha Stewart

Country Living

Here are some flames to keep you warm.....
Country Living

Monogrammed Cuteness!

If you go to any of the sites listed below the pics then they have step by step instructions on how to make the pumpkins shown above.  Lots of ideas out there and love all the ones I've shared today.
Just have to make a decision...  hmmmm.......

johanna xo

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