Cupcakes!  Who doesn't love cupcakes??  I have came across some yummy cupcake recipes and VERY COOL cupcake display ideas for parties on a lot of blogs and thought I would share some of them....maybe some of you have your child's Halloween party @ school coming up or a Halloween party @ home or maybe you are needing some ideas for birthdays, anniversarys or just to bake the kids a treat for an after school snack (or a snack for yourself) :)  ......... check out these yummy recipes and fun ideas and get to baking!!

                               How cute are these CANDY CORN CUPCAKES!!!

                                                                I Heart Naptime

                       How about these SPORT CUPCAKES!
                           Serving Pink Lemonade

                          These HI-HAT CUPCAKES look yummy!

                                       Mommy Creations  
             Adorable SUNFLOWER CUPCAKE

                 CUPCAKE SKEWERS....what a cute idea!!        
                     WB 026

    Ok I know these aren't Cupcakes.  But these MINI PUMPKIN CAKES are too cute to not show off!!       
                Fussy Monkey Business

Found more SUNFLOWER CUPCAKES.....what a clever idea to display them!

                                   SPOOKY CUPCAKES
                                              52 Cupcakes


            Check out the link below and link up your BLOG!!

johanna xo

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  1. Thanks for linking back to Fussy Monkey. Love all the cupcakes! Makes me wanna go eat one:o)


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