I haven't ever seen or heard of Subway Art until I started looking at some of the craft blogs.  WOW is it popular and super cool.  I love it.  Below is the first one that I did and basically just played around and didn't use anything too expensive.  Will definately use little better materials next time.  This one is geared toward sports or I should say soccer.  Both my boys play soccer.

For this one I used a rub on sheet that had the words on it.  Found the sheet of words at Big Lots for $1.00.  However I put the words on construction paper only because I was playing around and it's way to flimsy.  So I am going to try card stock next time.  The black wooden frame came from the Dollar Store and it worked perfect.  It turned out cute and will look great hanging on on the boys' walls along with some of their soccer pics. 

Have a great weekend!

Johanna xo

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