Bead Bracelet Tutorial

                 You are going to need the following supplies:

                          -Any type of Beads (mine are from Wal Mart)
                          -2 crimping beads
                          -Silver Beading Wire
                                        (I used .45mm)
                          -2 Clasps For Each End
                          -Jewelry Tools Needed:
                                       -Needle Nose Pliers
                                       -Cutter (you can also use scissors)

This tutorial is for a bracelet that is 8 inches so you will want to start off with an 11 inch wire.  The reason you will want it that long is so you have plenty to work with....it's better to have more than not enough.  Once you've got your wire you want to grab one of the crimping beads

and thread it onto the wire just at the top and then add one of your clasps and thread it on and then thread the wire back through the crimp bead (as shown in the picture below).

Now with the needle nose pliers you want to grab the wire you just thread through and then with your other hand on the crimp bead you want to pull down on the pliers and push up on the crimp bead until the crimp bead is snug against the clasp.                                        
Next you will need the crimpers....you will notice the crimpers have 2 notches.  You want to squeeze the crimp bead in the second notch then move it up to the 2nd notch and squeeze it the other way so basically it folds in half.  Now your clasp is secure on the wire.
It's time to start adding the beads....this is the easy part.  I like to first lay out my beads the way I want them strung.  Also no need to cut off the extra wire hanging down...just be sure to thread the excess through the first few beads you put on. 
Finish putting the rest of the beads on.  Now it's time to put the other clasp on....you are going to put it on the same way except when you put the wire back through you want to make sure to put it through 1 or 2 beads. Now you can crimp the crimp bead and use your cutter or scissors to cut the excess wire.

                        WAAALAAA! You've got yourself a new beaded bracelet.


johanna xo

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