Pot O' Gold

With St. Patrick's Day approaching here are a few Pot O' Gold ideas......

                                Cute Party Favor 

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This Pot O' Gold Chocolate Bowl looks delish!!

Lucky Gold


Here's a cute treat idea for the kids at school!!

Enjoy the start of a new week!! 

johanna xoxo


  1. Thanks for featuring me! I love all of these ideas. How fun.

  2. I'm really enjoying all the great St. Patrick's Day projects! Thank you so much for including my Pot O' Gold candy cups.

  3. Hello! Happy St. Pats. I am flattered that you included my lucky stones in your round-up... that rainbow licorice is so vibrant and pretty! Malia

  4. Thank you for including my chocolate bowls in this post. I'm flattered to be included with these other St. Patrick's Day ideas. What fun that you are my 1000th follower. I'm following you now.


Comments always welcome......xo

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