Fabric Flower Bobby Pins

I have a birthday party to go to tomorrow for a sweet little girl and have been thinking of something I could make to add to her gift.  I decided to try and make her these cute flower bobby pins that I believe turned out pretty cute. They will look so adorable in her hair. 

Here are the 3 fabrics I used:

Next I cut each one into 3 strips:

Now you can start rolling your flowers....I also used my hot glue gun but you could use fabric glue also.  I found this great tutorial HERE to show you how to roll the flowers.  After you have your flower then you are ready to glue it to the bobby pin.  I used the ones that have a circle at the end of them because I found it easiest to hot glue the flowers to.

I hot glued the fabric flowers to the round disc at the end .....and here it was I ended up with........

I think they turned out pretty cute!!

Happy Thursday!!

johanna xo

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